MANESTA is the name of a creative artist lady from Switzerland.
Manesta’s artistic way started at 1982 by the study of anatomy, form and colors at the Academy “La Maison Rouge” with an emphasis on study of the human body.
Three years later, she meet the worldwide known painter and sculptor Joe Boehler, who taught her painting expressions and misc techniques.
From this point, Manesta started to create her paintings in oil, acrylics and inks, developing her individual style.
One year at the USA allowed her to discover new materials and the love of texture brought her naturally to create bas-reliefs and to start doing sculptures of the human body, searching always movement and harmony in her expressions.

Since 2003, Manesta is working as a fulltime artist. She has student classes for drawing (as per Betty Edwards method), painting and sculpturing. Manesta also does huge wall-paintings and home design.

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