One-Person Show* & Major Exhibitions:
2007 Broadway Gallery, New York, NY
2006 "Speed Limit", Redhead Gallery/ Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York, NY
2005 "3rd Annual Downtown",Space downtown, New York, NY
2004 "Salone Satellite", Milano, Italy

Articles and Publications:
2006 Antoinette Prattis, "Artist Statement for Pun", NY Arts Magazine, September/ October
Selected Collections
Museum of Sex, New York, NY 
Career-related experience
1998 Volunteer, Architectual drawings and prints, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, NY


Photomontages are usually made up of images that come from other images.  Being able to see an image outside of its original context and putting into another is recycling at its best.  This is why I enjoy creating digital photomontages.  I'll see something in a picture, separate the image from the picture and put it in a different enviroment.  I give the images double meaning.  That's why, art-wise, I go under the name "Pun".

Over ten years ago I became fascinated with the Surrealist movement.  From that period I was really drawn to collages because it was "anything goes".  Different things, created for one purpose, such as a  label from a soup can or a train ticket, were then fused together to make a piece of art.  I started making my own photomontages.  I would not plan what I wanted to do or use.  I would just cut out images that jumped out at me. I began to select images that were very intricate and were impossible to extract with an exacto.

To solve the problem, I use a computer to cut out the images.  Depending on how intricate the image is, the process of cutting out the images can be rather tedious.  I put a lot of time and effort in cutting out the images and it shows.

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